1. Find Intersection of all Intervals
  2. Maximal Disjoint Intervals
  3. Modular Exponentiation
  4. Paper cut into minimum number of squares
  5. Maximum absolute difference between sum of two contiguous sub-arrays
  6. Maximum sum of absolute difference of an array
  7. Minimum sum of absolute difference of pairs of two arrays
  8. Find maximum number that can be formed using digits of a given number
  9. Find the largest multiple of 3 from array of digits
  10. Minimum number of Appends needed to make a string palindrome
  11. Minimum characters to be added at front to make string palindrome
  12. Find size of the largest ‘+’ formed by all ones in a binary matrix
  13. Repeated subsequence of length 2 or more
  14. Longest Repeated Subsequence
  15. Check if strings are rotations of each other or not
  16. Check if a given string is a rotation of a palindrome
  17. Number of subarrays with m odd numbers
  18. Count number of substrings with exactly k distinct characters
  19. Minimum length substring with exactly K distinct characters
  20. Count substrings with each character occurring at most k times
  21. Number of substrings with count of each character as k
  22. Count distinct substrings that contain some characters at most k times
  23. Word Wrap Problem
  24. Print the nodes of binary tree as they become the leaf node
  25. Minimum number of items to be delivered