1. Find the element that appears once in a sorted array
  2. Search in an almost sorted array
  3. Subsequences of String which Start with Vowel and End with Consonant
  4. Minimum steps to reach end of array under constraints
  5. Minimum steps to minimize n as per given condition
  6. All unique triplets that sum up to a given value
  7. Efficient search in an array where difference between adjacent is 1
  8. Number of turns to reach from one node to other in binary tree
  9. Sort linked list which is already sorted on absolute values
  10. Sort a linked list of 0s, 1s and 2s by changing links
  11. Search element in a sorted matrix
  12. Count negative numbers in a column wise and row wise sorted matrix
  13. Decode a string recursively encoded as count followed by substring
  14. Deletion in a Binary Tree
  15. Remove extra spaces from a string
  16. The painter’s partition problem using binary search
  17. Atleast two elements from array such that their GCD is 1 and cost is minimum
  18. Lexicographically smallest array after at-most K consecutive swaps
  19. Recursively remove all adjacent duplicates
  20. In-place replace multiple occurrences of a pattern
  21. Longest palindrome formed by removing or shuffling chars from string
  22. Check if string follows order of characters defined by a pattern or not
  23. Break a string into all possible combinations of non-overlapping substring
  24. Combinations of words formed by replacing given numbers with corresponding alphabets
  25. Length of the largest subarray with contiguous elements