1. Find closest number in array
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  3. Rearrange a given linked list in-place
  4. Permutation Sequence
  5. Combination Sum II
  6. Represent the fraction of two numbers in the string format
  7. Shortest distance between two cells in a matrix or grid
  8. Minimum Cost Path with Left, Right, Bottom and Up moves allowed
  9. Maximum absolute difference of value and index sums
  10. Minimum steps needed to cover a sequence of points on an infinite grid
  11. Flip elements in array to get maximum 1s
  12. Hotel Bookings Possible
  13. Maximum adjacent difference in an array in its sorted form
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  18. Find the longest substring with k unique characters in a given string
  19. Meta Strings
  20. Check if it is possible to transform one string to another
  21. Minimum number of deletions and insertions to transform one string into another
  22. Transform one string to another using minimum number of given operation
  23. Smallest number k such that the product of digits of k is equal to n
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