1. Find minimum moves to reach target on an infinite line
  2. Largest permutation after at most k swaps
  3. Form the smallest number using at most one swap operation
  4. Find Maximum number possible by doing at-most K swaps
  5. Match a pattern and String without using regular expressions
  6. Minimum number of bracket reversals needed to make an expression balanced
  7. Check if two given strings are isomorphic to each other
  8. Print all interleavings of given two strings
  9. Find all Possible Palindromic Substrings in a String
  10. Remove “b” and “ac” from a given string
  11. Print Concatenation of Zig-Zag String in ‘n’ Rows
  12. Longest Even Length Substring such that sum of first and second half is same
  13. Lexicographically first palindromic string
  14. Next higher palindromic number using the same set of digits
  15. Print all the palindromic permutations of given string in alphabetic order
  16. Print Longest substring without repeating characters
  17. Print all n-digit strictly increasing numbers
  18. Lexicographically smallest rotated sequence
  19. Lexicographically next greater string using same character set
  20. Find all combinations of k-bit numbers with n bits set
  21. All possible binary numbers of length n with equal sum in both halves
  22. Count even length binary sequences with same sum of first and second half bits
  23. Print all permutations in sorted order
  24. Find all Lexicographic Permutations of a String
  25. DI String Match