When Water Breaks Prematurely

Baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid or water contained within a membrane bag (amniotic sac) inside uterus. During the natural process of labour, the water breaks when the baby's head puts pressure on the amniotic sac, causing it to rupture. Women will notice either a gush or a trickle of [...]

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Preterm Labour Pain

Overview Preterm or premature labour starts before 37 weeks of pregnancy. It's when your body starts getting ready for birth too early.The earlier preterm birth happens, the greater the health risk for your baby.Many preterm (preemies) need special care in the neonatal intensive care unit.Contraction in preterm labour can be [...]

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Parenting Tips for Infants

Bringing home a newborn baby can be an exciting and terrifying time for new parents alike. You are already a natural at caring for your baby. Here's some parenting tips that aid your baby’s physical and language development. 1 to 6 Month Old Baby Tips Provide ways for your baby [...]

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