Masking | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Mask define a specific area in a clip that you want to blur, cover, highlight, apply effects, or color-correct. Mask can be drawn using the shape tool (ellipse, 4-point polygon) or pen tool. Ellipse mask is for creating a circular or elliptical mask. 4-point polygon is for making squares, [...]

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Adjustment Layer | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Adjustment layer appears in Project Browser and can be added to sequence in same way any other clip would. It acts as a layer that is completely separate from footage. They are used to apply effects, similar to a standard video track. Advantage is that if want to change [...]

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Lumetri Scopes | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Lumetri Scopes display color information about image. It is used for color correcting footage. Computer monitor, ambient lighting in room can affect how you see color in image, so scopes are used to get the best color results possible. Waveform It shows the intensity of both the luminance (brightness) [...]

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Default Transitions | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Premiere Pro has default video and audio transitions which can be added to clips. Default transition for video and audio are Cross-Dissolve and Constant Power respectively. A outline marks indicates default transition in the Effects panel. Default Audio and Video Transition Effect To set a transition effect as default, [...]

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Motion Effects | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Motion effect used to adjust position, scale, or rotate of clip within the video frame. To animate clips, set keyframes for Motion properties. To view and adjust the Motion effect properties, open Effect Controls panel and click the triangle next to the Motion name. Position, scale, or rotation of [...]

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Retiming Clips | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Transitions are important element of any piece of creative work. Engaging someone throughout its entirety requires you to elegantly weave ideas into a cohesive narrative. Slow motion and Fast motion can be an effective way to show artistic impact to viewer. Changing Speed and Duration To change speed and/or [...]

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Multi-Camera Editing | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Multicamera editing feature is helpful for editing footage captured with multiple cameras. Several cameras my be used for shooting different shots of the action from different angles. To view all camera angles at the same time and switch between them, Multi Camera Source Sequence is flexible way to work [...]

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Link – Unlink Clips | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Clips that contain both video and audio appear as a single item in Project Panel. When this clip is added to sequence in Timeline Panel, video and audio appear each in its appropriate track. Dragging video portion in Timeline panel, linked audio moves with it, and vice versa. So [...]

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Merge Clips | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction It is common to record video on camera with relatively low quality audio, and high quality audio on a external microphones.Premiere Pro can be used to combine the high-quality audio with the video, with synchronization among audio and video tracks. Combine Clips In Project Panel Synchronization is the most [...]

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