Creating Color Palettes within Color Wheel

Mastering the creation of a strong color palette is a critical skill for designers. A color palette that clashes or falls flat can lose users in seconds, even when the content of a site is excellent. Color has an impact on people’s perceptions. Some of those perceptions are universal, while [...]

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RGB, CMYK and Spot Color System

Let's talk about the three systems of color most designers deal with, RGB, CMYK and spot. RGB Color RGB colors are used on screen. It stands for the Red, Green and Blue colors of light that create all the different hues that you see on your monitor. Each of these [...]

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Elements of Color

Knowing the basic elements of color will help you control and design what's happening in the world of your image. The six elements of colors are value, saturation, neutral, temperature, texture, opacity. Value Value is the relative darkness or lightness of a color. If we look at a color in [...]

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Tint, Shade and Opacity

Hue or the color is represented by its angle or position on the color wheel. The saturation of that color is represented by how close the circle is to the center, meaning very desaturated, or how close it is to the outside of the circle, meaning very saturated. To change [...]

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Understanding Anti-aliasing

An important concept relating to pixel or bitmap graphics is anti-aliasing. The need for this comes about because pixels are square. In a world where everything is made up of tiny squares, how do you represent things that are circular or diagonal? Pixel images rely upon anti-aliasing to smooth the [...]

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Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcut

Enable Outline ModeWindows : CTRL + YMac: CMD + Y Select Anchor PointsPress 'A' key to enable Direct Selection Tool Select Multiple Anchor PointPress 'Q' key to enable Lasso Tool Toggle Smart GuideWindows : CTRL + UMac: CMD + U Fit the Artboard to WindowWindows : CTRL + 0 (Zero)Mac: [...]

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A-Roll and B-Roll Footage Video Editing

A-Roll Footage A-roll footage is the main shot you want to focus on. A-roll shows the main subject of the scene while B-roll shots are supplemental footage that shows everything else. A story with simply A-roll footage might feel off-balance; this is why shooting B-roll is important. The term for [...]

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Common Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro

In the article i will discuss about commonly used workflow in various panel in Premiere Pro. Workflow in Source Panel Play clip between 'Mark In' and 'Mark Out' pointWindows: CTRL + SHIFT + SpacebarMac: Option + K Maximize Source/Program/Project panelPress ~ key Move playhead to mark in/out pointSHIFT + i/o [...]

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