1. Palindrome Partitioning
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  3. Minimum Cost Path
  4. Number of subsequences of the form a^i b^j c^k
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  5. Find index of an extra element present in one sorted array
  6. Replace all ‘0’ with ‘5’ in an input Integer
  7. Print all nodes at distance k from a given node
  8. Given only a pointer/reference to a node to be deleted in a singly linked list, how do you delete it
  9. Reversal algorithm for array rotation
  10. Find minimum difference between any two elements
  11. Count number of bits to be flipped to convert A to B
  12. Count total set bits in all numbers from 1 to n
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  13. Maximum sum of lengths of non-overlapping subarrays with k as the max element
  14. Print middle level of perfect binary tree without finding height
  15. Coin Change
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  16. Maximum product of a triplet (subsequnece of size 3) in array
  17. Count maximum points on same line
  18. Valid Sudoku
  19. Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters
  20. Count distinct elements in every window of size k
  21. Check for Symmetric Binary Tree
  22. Merge Sorted Array
  23. First Bad Version
  24. Find maximum possible stolen value from houses
  25. Shuffle a given array