Photoshop has a number of tools that make it easy to remove small distracting/undesired elements in an image. Some of the tools are Spot Healing Brush Tool, Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool and Clone Stamp Tool.

Spot Healing Brush Tool

  • Tap J key to select Spot Healing Brush Tool.
  • Now, the spot healing brush is going to automatically select the sample spot for you.
  • Click on the bad spot that you want to remove. And Photoshop will replace it with one of three options. Either content aware, create texture, or a proximity match.
  • In order to remove the elements in a more flexible manner, I will add new layer form the Layer panel instead of retouching the background.
  • Then I want to make sure with all of the tools that I’m using that I have the option to sample all layers. So select the check box Sample All Layers in the option bar.
  • Now I can retouch layer targeted, but Photoshop will sample from the background. So now, all I need to do is just position my cursor over any of the distracting elements that I want to remove. And when I paint over them, Photoshop will remove or replace the area that I paint over with other information.
Spot healing configuration in Option bar. Removing Undesired Elements in Adobe Photoshop
Spot healing configuration in Option bar

Healing Brush tool

  • Tap J key until Healing Brush Tool is selected.
  • If you have an image that only has a little bit of good source area, you might want to uncheck the Aligned option in the option bar.
  • Tap Option + click on Mac and Alt + Click on Windows to set source point. Now left click and drag over the desired place to replace the area with source point.
  • With Aligned option enabled, when I Option + click on Mac and Alt + Click on windows and select, and then I moved to a different area, Photoshop is going to keep the source and the destination in alignment.
Healing Brush Tool configuration in Option bar.
Healing Brush Tool configuration in Option bar

Patch Tool

  • Tap J key until Patch Tool is selected.
  • This tool support content aware technology and has the ability to sample all layers.
  • As shown in the below image, I’m going to start with water and just drag around that area. Then I can click inside and just select the area that I want to patch from. So I’m selecting the source here.
Patch Tool in action. left patch is corrected using right patch.
Patch Tool in action. left patch is corrected using right patch.

Clone Stamp Tool

If I use the patch tool and I make a selection, sometimes we may get little blending area along the edge. So in order to avoid that, we can use the clone stamp tool.

  • Tap S key until Clone Stamp Tool is selected.
  • It also has the similar alignment options as well as the ability to sample all layers.
  • It uses an exact duplicate of another area. This tool we can prefer when there’s a lot of good source information.
  • Set the source by holding down the Option key on Mac, the Alt key on Windows.
  • And then I can start painting, and I’m going to get an exact duplicate.
  • We need to just get rid of anything that’s obviously repeating because our eyes are so sensitive to texture that we’ll pick up those repeating elements