Synchronize Audio | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Synchronizing audio and video are sometimes necessary if they are recorded separately. Editing unlinked video and audio can also lead to the clips moving out of sync with each other. This can be important when dealing with dialogue, as the mouth will move at a different time to the audio. This post discuss about ways to synchronize audio and

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Essential Sound Panel | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Essential Sound panel gives an extensive tool set for audio mixing techniques and repair options. It allows to classify audio clips as Dialogue, Music, SFX, or Ambience. To open the panel, go to Window > Essential Sound. Classify Audio Clip To begin editing, first classify audio clips. To classify audio clip Add audio track in the Timeline.Select audio clips

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Modifying Audio Volume | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Audio Gain and Volume refer to the loudness of the audio. Volume is the output level or the volume in sequence clips or tracks. It is common to have the music playing at normal volume and then reduce the volume when someone is speaking. When the speaking finishes, the volume is returned to normal level. Using Timeline To adjust

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Keyframe | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Keyframes are used to change the properties of a video or audio effect over time. Properties value will gradualy change in between keyframes. Clip Keyframe Clip Keyframes are clip based. Keyframes follow the clip because they belong with the clip. These keyframes are the same keyframes that you would add in the Effect Controls panel. To create clip keyframe

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Audio Gain | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Audio Gain and Volume refer to the loudness of the audio. Gain is the input level or volume in clips. Volume is the output level or the volume in sequence clips or tracks. Audio Gain is independent of the output level settings in the Audio Track Mixer and Timeline panels. Adjustment of gain or volume levels make levels consistent

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Modifying Audio Channel | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Common audio audio tracks are Standard: This track can contain both stereo and mono audio tracks and is the default for new audio tracks.Mono: It contains one audio channel.5.1: Contains only 5.1 surround sound tracks. It include three front audio channels (left, center, and right); two rear channels (left and right); and one low-frequency subwoofer channel.Adaptive: Can contain mono

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History and Info Panel | Adobe Premiere Pro

History Panel History panel stores a list of the actions performed to change the state of project in the current working session. To open this panel, go to Window > History. This panel is used to jump back to any previous state in the current work session. It automatically reset when Premiere Pro is reopened. The oldest state is at

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Timeline Buttons | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Timeline panel has control which can make life in Premiere Pro easier. This post discusses about important buttons in Timeline Panel. Buttons on Timeline Panel Sync Lock Sync Lock is enabled by default on all tracks. It ensures that all tracks are affected equally by certain adjustments made to any track. With Sync Lock enabled in both tracks, adding

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Markers | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Markers allows to identify specific times in clips and sequences. It helps in remembering useful shot and stay organized. Any markers that were added to a source clip before it was added to the Timeline will also appear in the Timeline. Markers that are added only to the Timeline, will not be added to the source clips. Marker panel

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Replace Edit | Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction Replace edit is used to replace a clip with another clip and have the new clip fit in the same place and inherit all the effects of the original clip. This technique can increase editing speed. This post discuss various ways which can be used for replace edit. Using Replace Clip To replace edit clip using Mark In Open

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