Glyphs panel provides quick access to a wide variety of special characters, including any ligatures, ornaments, swashes, and fractions included with a given font. To open this panel, go to Window> Type> Glyphs. Change the font by selecting a different font family and style at the bottom of the panel.

Insert character

To insert character

  • With the Type tool, click to place the insertion point
  • Double-click the character you want in the Glyphs panel to insert it in the text.

To replace a character, choose Alternates For Current Selection from the Show pop‑up menu, select a character in your document using a type tool. Below figure shows ‘EmojiOne’ glyphs added to Artboard.

Convert to Outlines

To create outlines of the characters so that these can used as objects rather than as a typeface:

  • Select Direct Selection tool (A)
  • Click once on the type, then Right-click (Control-click) and choose Create Outlines from the list to convert the typeface to object.
  • To ungroup, click on the type, then Right-click (Control-click) and choose Ungroup. Each character can now be selected on its own.