Character Panel allows easy access to text formatting customization. To open the panel, go to Window > Type > Character. It has panel formatting options for individual characters into Artboard. Click hamburger button in the upper right corner, select Show Options, and additional type attributes appear, such as baseline shift, underline.Below figure shows the options available in this panel.

Options in the Character panel

  • Leading: Set space between the lines of text.
  • Kerning: Set the space between the letters in word. Decrease the spacing between the letters by typing a lower value, even negative numbers, or by clicking the down arrow.
  • Tracking: Use the Tracking combo box by selecting multiple letters and increasing or decreasing the space between.
  • Horizontal scale: Distort selected text by stretching it horizontally.
  • Vertical scale: Distort selected text vertically.
  • Baseline shift: Move selected characters to above or below the baseline.
  • Character rotation: Rotate just the selected text.
  • Language: Choose a language from this drop-down list. It is used by spell checker (Edit > Check Spelling) and hyphenation feature.