Premiere Pro interface configuration is called a workspace. Pre built workspace can be found at  Window > Workspace. To reset the workspace, choose Window > Workspace > Reset to Saved Layout.

Workspace items appears in its own panel. Below figure shows the workspace layout.

Premiere Pro Workspace Layout

Panels Details

A workspace consists of various panel. Few of the panels are

  • Timeline Panel: Editing on media is done on this panel. This panel shows the details about sequences. This panel is used to add effects and transitions to the video and audio clips.
  • Tracks: List video clips, images, graphics, and titles on an unlimited number of tracks. Video clips on upper video tracks cover whatever is directly below them on the Timeline, add transparency on higher tracks to show through lower clip.
  • Source Monitor: Used to playback and preview individual clips. One can also add markers, and specify how the clip will be added to the Timeline.
  • Program Monitor: Used to playback and preview only sequence on the Timeline.
  • Project Panel: It contains references to all the media file i.e. video, audio, and images that are imported into project. It also contain sequences, titles and other media created in the application.
  • Media Browser: Used for browsing hard drive to find footage. Media Browser gives quick access to all your assets
  • Effects panel: It contains all the clip effects which can be applied on sequences. These effects are grouped by type to make them easier to find. It allows to edit effects that have been applied to clips.
  • Audio Clip Mixer: Used to adjust settings of audio tracks, apply effects on audio tracks.
  • Audio Meters panel: It shows the volume of clips that are on the Timeline.


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