Game View in Unity

Game View is rendered from the Camera(s) in game. It is representative of final, published game. You will need to use one or more Cameras to control what the player actually sees when they are playing your game. There are three options Play  : Play the game Pause : Pause [...]

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Camera in Unity3D

Cameras are the devices that capture and display the world to the player. There can be an unlimited number of cameras in a scene. A Unity scene is created by arranging and moving objects in a three-dimensional space. Since the viewer’s screen is two-dimensional, there needs to be a way to capture [...]

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Scene View navigation in Unity3D

Selecting GameObjecs To select a GameObject, click on it in the Scene view or click its name in the Hierarchy window. To select or de-select multiple GameObjects, hold the Shift key while clicking, or drag a rectangle around multiple GameObjects to select them. Selected GameObjects are highlighted in the Scene [...]

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Unity 2D game development basics

GameObject The GameObject is the most important concept in the Unity Editor. Every object in your game is a GameObject, from characters and collectible items to lights, cameras and special effects. However, a GameObject can’t do anything on its own; you need to give it properties before it can become [...]

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