1. K-th Element of Two Sorted Arrays
  2. Compare Version Numbers
  3. Minimum Size Subarray Sum
  4. Bitwise AND of Numbers Range
  5. Range Minimum Query
  6. House Robber II
  7. Contains Duplicate III
  8. Reverse Words in a String II
  9. Different Ways to Add Parentheses
  10. Check if two given line segments intersect
  11. Majority Element II
  12. Count Complete Tree Nodes
  13. Number of swaps to sort when only adjacent swapping allowed
  14. Check whether a given Binary Tree is Complete or not
  15. Letter Tile Possibilities
  16. Smallest Subsequence of Distinct Characters
  17. Car Pooling
  18. Integer Break
  19. Check If Word Is Valid After Substitutions
  20. Minimum Time Difference
  21. Vowel Spellchecker
  22. Articulation Points (or Cut Vertices) in a Graph
  23. Tarjan’s Algorithm to find Strongly Connected Components
  24. Find minimum time to finish all jobs with given constraints
  25. Job Sequencing Problem (Disjoint Set)