1. Find two prime numbers with given sum
  2. Longest consecutive sequence in Binary tree
  3. Median of two sorted arrays of same size
  4. Number of paths with exactly k coins
  5. Rearrange characters in a string such that no two adjacent are same
  6. Replace every element with the greatest element on right side
  7. Check if a given number is sparse or not
  8. Find Next Sparse Number
  9. Unbounded Knapsack
  10. Binary Search Tree | Set 2 (Delete)
  11. Iterative diagonal traversal of binary tree
  12. Find whether there is path between two cells in matrix
  13. Form minimum number from given sequence
  14. Inorder Successor in Binary Search Tree
  15. Print all k-sum paths in a binary tree
  16. Smallest subarray with sum greater than a given value
  17. Smallest positive integer value that cannot be represented as sum of any subset of a given array
  18. Rotate bits of a number
  19. Swap all odd and even bits
  20. Shuffle array {a1, a2, .. an, b1, b2, .. bn} as {a1, b1, a2, b2, a3, b3, ……, an, bn}
  21. Rearrange array in alternating positive & negative items
  22. Rearrange array in alternating positive & negative items  (maintain order)
  23. Rearrange positive and negative numbers with constant extra space
  24. Rearrange array in alternating positive & negative
  25. Reverse alternate levels of a perfect binary tree