1. Find two non-overlapping pairs having equal sum in an array
  2. Find k pairs with smallest sums in two arrays
  3. Random number generator in arbitrary probability distribution fashion
  4. 3-Way QuickSort
  5. Merge Sort
  6. Check whether a binary tree is a complete tree or not
  7. Check if a given binary tree is heap
  8. Check if a given array represents a binary heap
  9. Convert min heap to max heap
  10. Find Minimum and Maximum element in an array using minimum comparisons
  11. Find a peak element in a 2D array
  12. Find first or last occurrence of a given number in a sorted array
  13. Find frequency of each element in a limited range array
  14. Count frequencies of all elements in array
  15. Find Floor and Ceil of a number in a sorted array
  16. Longest alternating subsequence
  17. Maximum sum alternating subsequence
  18. Longest Zig-Zag Subsequence
  19. Find the missing number in Arithmetic Progression
  20. Coin Change Problem (number of ways to get the denomination of coins)
  21. Print all combinations of points that can compose a given number
  22. Maximize the value of an expression
  23. Minimum and Maximum values of an expression with * and +
  24. Partition of a set into K subsets with equal sum
  25. K-Partition Problem | Printing all Partitions