Importing Image

Primary method of importing images into Artboard is using menu File > Place. Links panel list the imported images details. Copying and pasting an image into Artboard, can cause problems that you may not be aware of until you try to print. Ways that you can place artwork in an Illustrator document from another file is:

  • Embedding
  • Linking


A linked image remains separate, only a pointer is placed in your illustration, and the external image is loaded when Artboard is opened. Linked images remain independent of the Artboard. Any edits on linked image will automatically appear in the artboard. Illustrator notifies you if any changes have been made to the original.


Embedding is the other way to include artwork from another file in an Illustrator document. When an image is embeded, a copy of the artwork is incorporated into Artboard. Only way to update is to replace the placed image. The advantage is that the placed artwork becomes part of Artboard, and it doesn’t have a link that can be accidentally broken. This result in large Illustrator document sizes.

Editing Image

To apply transformations to an image, go to Object > Transform.Various operation that can be applied are

  • Rotate : Rotate Tool rotates the object around a point. Default point is the center point.  To move the point of rotation, click before dragging.  Hold down the Shift key to rotate in 15-degree increments.
  • Reflect: Click once, then again at different location to indicate a line over which to reflect the object.
  • Scale : Drag to resize the object.  Hold down the Shift key to maintain original proportions.
  • Shear : Drag to skew the object.  Hold down the Shift key to stick to 15-degree increments.
  • Reshape : To change a shape by adding additional anchors.  Use the Direct Selection Tool to drag the edges of the shape by an anchor.

To resize the shape, drag the “handles” with the Selection Tool – hold down the Shift key to keep it proportionate. To move individual points of the shape, use the Direct Selection Tool.


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