What is Nifty and Sensex ?

 Two major stock  exchanges in India are the ‘Bombay stock exchange’ and the ‘National stock exchange’. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Bombay stock exchange is an Indian stock exchange located at Dalal street, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was established in 1875 and is Asia’s oldest stock exchange. It is the world’s fastest [...]

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Stocks Definition | Stock Market

It all starts with a company. Let’s say there is a company X. It is a manufacturing company and is doing well in its sector. Now it wants to expand by doing some project or research and development(R&D) in his field. For this company requires capital, in simple, money. Possible [...]

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Types of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds based on fund scheme: There are two key kinds of mutual funds on the basis of the constitution of the fund. This basically affects when investors can buy fund units and sell them. Close-ended schemes: These schemes have fixed maturity periods. Investors can buy into these funds during [...]

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Mutual Fund jargon

Asset Management Company (AMC) AMC is a company or a fund house set up to manage its clients’ investment of mutual funds in accordance with their financial goals. AMC makes investment decisions on the behalf of clients after carefully crafting scheme objectives. Asset Allocation Asset allocation is an investment strategy [...]

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