Get Current Thread ID Of Function In C++

std::this_thread::get_id is an in-built function in C++ std::thread. It is an observer function which means it observes a state and then returns the corresponding output. Below is the syntax std::thread::id get_id() noexcept; (since C++11) It returns object of member type thread::id which uniquely identifies the thread (if joinable), or default-constructed [...]

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Boost.Bind | C++

Introduction boost::bind is a generalization of the standard functions std::bind1st and std::bind2nd. It supports arbitrary function objects, functions, function pointers, and member function pointers. Syntax Below syntax bind function with parameters. boost::bind(namespace::functionName, _1, _N); To bind a member function, an instance of an object on which the member function can [...]

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Boost.Function | C++

Introduction The Boost.Function library contains a family of class templates that are function object wrappers. It shares features with function pointers in that both define a call interface through which some implementation can be called, and the implementation that is invoked may change throughout the course of the program. Declaring [...]

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