Tint is a mixture of a color with white, which reduces darkness. Tint lightens the color, but it doesn’t make it brighter. Furthermore, even a small amount of White added to a color, transforms it into a Tint. Therefore a Tint can range from slightly lighter than your original color, all the way to White with barely any of the color mixed in.

To create a tint,

  • Add a ‘New Swatch’ from Color Swatch panel.
  •  Enable the Global option or choose spot colour in the dialog box. Global means editing the swatch colour consequently update the colour of all objects to which this colour was applied. Global colour thumbnail are marked by a small white triangle in Swatches panel.
  • Open the color panel, drag the T slider or enter a value in the text box to modify the color’s intensity.
  • Tint thumbnail are marked by a small white triangle with dot in Swatches panel.