Freeze and Split Columns and Rows in Excel

When we are working with a long Excel file that takes a lot of scrolling either downwards or over a bit, it can be helpful to lock in either the first or top header row of data so that you can see what you're looking at. Something else that you can do with Excel is split [...]

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Exclude folders from file search in Visual Studio Code

Folders or files can be excludes from search in Visual Studio Code. It helps with performance. To add folder and files for excluding in search Go to File -> Preferences -> Settings (or on Mac Code -> Preferences -> Settings) Pick the Workspace tab Filter settings by searching for 'Search' Add the files [...]

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Sublime Text hacks

Always show whitespace go to Preferences -> Settings - user and add the following line "draw_white_space": "all" Convert Indentation from Tabs to Space View -> Indentation -> Convert Indentation to Tabs / SpacesOther option is Go to Preferences -> Settings-user, and add below code { "tab_size": 4, "translate_tabs_to_spaces": false } [...]

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Visual Studio Tips and Tricks

This posts frequently encountered scenarios and its solution which will make our life easier. Show active file in solution explorerTools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> Track Active Item in Solution Explorer Show pinned tabs in a separate rowTools -> Options -> Environment -> Tabs and Windows -> Show [...]

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Keyboard Shortcut in Visual Studio Code

This posts lists frequently encountered keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio Code. List methodsThere is the workbench.action.gotoSymbol command. On Windows and Linux it's set to CTRL+Shift+O by default. Open symbol by nameCtrl+T Disable minimap "editor.minimap.enabled": false Navigate back and forth to cursor positionAlt + ←  Navigate backAlt + →  Navigate forward Open Command Palette [...]

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Notepad++ Commonly used Tips and Tricks

Notepad++ is a free text editor that comes with a lot of cool features. This posts discuss about some of my favorite Notepad++ tips and tricks. Configure Notepad++ to use spaces instead of tabsGo to the Preferences menu command under menu Settings, and select Language Menu/Tab Settings, depending on your version. Earlier versions use [...]

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