• Configure “Open With” application
    This can be done in one of the following ways:

    1. Right Click > Open With > Choose Default Program
      This opens a dialog window with the option to browse any application to use for one-time only OR (by checking the appropriate checkbox) this would effectively set the default application for the selected filetype.
    2. Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations
      This settings page allows you to set the default program for every known filetype. Just as in option #1, you select the “change program” button and from the dialog window you selected the new default application
    3. Get the associated name of file type by executing below in command prompt
      assoc {filetype} (assoc .php)

      Once you have the filetype association, run the ftype command on it

      ftype {file_association}="absolute-path-to-application" "%1"

      For example: ftype phpfile="C:\Users\Program Files\sublime_text.exe" "%1"

      This command effectively added Sublime Text as a recommended application for phpfile type associations.If you get a response like the following: File association not found for extension then create an association for that extension with the following:assoc .{XXX}={filetype}For example: assoc .cls=javaclass

  • Open CMD as admin
    1. Press Windows key to open the start menu. Type in cmd to search for Command Prompt. Then press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER to launch Command Prompt as administrator.
    2. Another way is to use Windows+X then hit A.
  • Extend Windows desktop onto this monitor” programmatically
    • displayswitch.exe /internal Disconnect projector
    • displayswitch.exe /clone Duplicate screen
    • displayswitch.exe /extend Extend screen
    • displayswitch.exe /external Projector only (disconnect local)
  • Disable auto logon
    Open netplwiz by pressing Win+R. It will give you advanced user settings. Find a check mark that says “Users must enter a username and a password to use this computer” and set it to true (check it).
  • Change the default view setting for Explorer
    To make a system-wide change to the view settings in Windows Explorer, in the folder with the view you want

    • Go to the View tab of the ribbon
    • Click the Options button on the right hand side of the ribbon
    • Select the View tab
    • Click the Apply to Folders button.

    If the Apply to Folders button is greyed out it could be that the view is currently in one of the following folders that can’t have its view applied to all folders.

  • Run multiple .BAT files within a .BAT file
    call msbuild.bat
    call tests.bat

    When not using CALL, the current batch file stops and the called batch file starts executing.