1. How to Design YouTube
  2. How to Design Twitter
  3. Design a Recommendation System
  4. Design Facebook Chat Function
  5. Random ID Generator
  6. OOP Battleship implementation in Java
  7. Design a deck of cards
    Explanation :- Implementing a deck of cards
  8. Design a restaurant reservation system
  9. Design a two player online chess game
    Explanation :- Design a chess game using object-oriented principles
  10. Build a Web Crawler
  11. Design a robot that will take your order and make sandwiches
  12. Design a system which would make a schedule for a user to complete a book in given number of days.
  13. Implement T9 dictionary for mobile phone
  14. Design a Cache System
  15. Design a search engine like Google
  16. Design a tinyurl system like Bitly
  17. Design garbage collector
  18. Design Autocomplete feature
  19. Design a HashMap
  20. Uber | Rate Limiter
  21. Design Snake and Ladder Game
  22. Design video sharing platform like Youtube
  23. How to design a REST API