• Prompt for post asking reply from ChatGPT.
    So, if you see what I’m doing, I set the tone. I said, “Fun, motivational.”
    Help me create a fun, motivational way to this comment: "Don't quit on your goals. You deserve to see what happens when all of your hard work and studies pays off."
  • Find about research and trends when it comes to social media success.
    Because we got to know who we’re talking to and we got to know some of their pain points and what platforms are they on. So this is going to give you a whole scope of some of the issues that they have. Some of the things that they’re doing online, as well as where they actually are. Based on this response we can create social media contained tailored for given platform.
    I want to do research about people who are trying to create an online brand. Help me research information about this audience from what are some common pain points? What do they look up on the internet, and what are social media platforms that they are on?