FURPS Requirement Model

FURPS is an acronym representing a model for classifying software quality attributes: Functionality - Capability, Reusability, Security Usability - Human Factors, Aesthetics, Consistency, Documentation, Responsiveness Reliability - Availability, Predictability, Accuracy Performance - Speed, Efficiency, Resource Consumption, Throughput, Capacity, Scalability Supportability - Testability, Flexibility, Installability, Localizability The + was later added [...]

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Product sales rank

Problem A large eCommerce company wishes to list the best-selling products, overall and by category. For example, one product might be the #1056th best-selling product overall but th #13th best-selling product under Sports Equipment and the #24th best-selling product under Safety. Describe how you would design the system Solution Scope the Problem First, [...]

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Detect the duplicate URLs

Problem You have 10 billion URLs. How do you detect the duplicate documents? In this case, assume that "duplicate" means that the URLs are identical. Approach If each URL is an average of 100 characters, and each character is 4 bytes, then this list of 10 billion URLs will take [...]

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Design a chat server

Explain how you would design a chat server. In particular, provide details about the various backend components, classes, and methods. What would be the hardest problems to solve? Lets try to start with analyzing the server requirements Server coordinate the chat activity. The server need to be running at all [...]

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MVC Pattern

Introduction MVC Pattern stands for Model-View-Controller Pattern. This pattern is used to separate application's concerns. Model - Model manages the app data and state. It is not concerned with UI or presentation. View - View represents the visualization of the data that model contains. Controller - Controller acts on both [...]

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OOPS Design Questions

Design an online hotel booking system like OYO RoomsDesign a movie ticket booking system like BookmyshowObject Oriented Design of Juke BoxDesign a Vending Machine in JavaDesign a valet parking systemDesign Coffee ShopDesign vector graphics applicationObject oriented design for an online auction siteRelate all the classes in a object oriented wayDesign [...]

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Answering System Design Questions

System design questions are usually open-ended. As long as your approach is reasonable and you're able to compare pros and cons of different options, your performance can't be bad. Below are the systematic approach for answering system design questions. Clarify Constraints and Identify Use Cases Design questions are intentionally vague [...]

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System Design Interview Questions

How to Design YouTube How to Design Twitter Design a Recommendation System Design Facebook Chat Function Random ID Generator OOP Battleship implementation in Java Design a deck of cards Explanation :- Implementing a deck of cards Design a restaurant reservation system Design a two player online chess game Explanation :- Design a [...]

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