Source Monitor plays back individual clips. Below figure shows source monitor with few labeled functionally.

Premiere Pro Source Monitor


Viewing Clip

To view a clip in the Source Monitor, drag the clip from the Project panel or double-click on the clip to view. To view multiple clips on Source Monitor, drag them from the Project panel. To switch among open clips, click on hamburger button in the upper right corner of the Source Monitor, selected the clip from the list of open clips. The clip with the dot by it is the clip which is currently opened. For opening multiple sequence, drag and drop them on the Source monitor.

For viewing only the audio component of any video clip, click the Drag Audio Only button present just above Play button in above image. To switch it back to where you can see the video, click the Drag Video Only button.

Safe Margin

Safe guides are for your reference and are not included in previews or export. Click the Settings button below the Source Monitor and choose Safe Margins. It can also be chosen from the panel menu of the Source Monitor. Safe zones are shown in below figure

Premiere Pro Safe Margin

Using Audio Time Units

Source Monitor displays video timecode as shown in above figure. To enable or disable audio time units, Click the Settings button below the Source Monitor and select Show Audio Time Units.

Setting In and Out Points

To set In and Out points:

  • Drag the Playhead to the point to use as the In point.
  • Click the Mark In button.
  • Again drag the playhead to the Out point.
  • Click the Mark Out button.

To move the In and Out point together, hold and drag the In/Out Grip to a different position on the Source Monitor time ruler. Below figure shows the marked clip.

Premiere Pro Source Monitor Marked


Using the Source Monitor and Program Monitor