Common audio audio tracks are

  • Standard: This track can contain both stereo and mono audio tracks and is the default for new audio tracks.
  • Mono: It contains one audio channel.
  • 5.1: Contains only 5.1 surround sound tracks. It include three front audio channels (left, center, and right); two rear channels (left and right); and one low-frequency subwoofer channel.
  • Adaptive: Can contain mono or stereo tracks, and are used to map the source audio to different output channels.

This post shows how to modify audio tracks.

View Audio Channel

To view audio channels details

  • Right click on desired clip in the Project Panel
  • Go to Modify > Audio Channels

When Preset menu is set to Use File, Premiere Pro will use the file’s metadata to set the channel format for the audio. Left and Right audio channels of the source clip (as described Media Source Channel) are assigned to a single clip. This clip in a sequence will appear as one audio clip, with both audio channels in the same audio clip. To preview a audio channel, select a channel from Preview Media Source Channel drop down and hit on play icon.

Premiere Pro Audio Channels
Audio Channel Details

Split Audio Channel

To split audio channel

  • Right click on desired clip in the Project Panel. Then go to Modify > Audio Channels
  • Choose Mono in Preset as shown in below image. Now left and right source channels are now linked to two separate clips.
    Premiere Pro Audio Channels Setting
  • When clip is added to a sequence, each audio channel will go on a separate track. Each track can be edited independently.

In the below figure, right side of the sequence is created by changing the audio preset from Stereo to Mono. Mono preset splits the stereo channel into two independent audio clips.

Premiere Pro Preset Setting
Media Preset setting effect on Timeline

Merging Clips

To merge video clips and audio clips which are recorded on a separate device.

  • Select the video clip and the separate audio clip. Right-click either item, and choose Merge Clips.
  • Choose sync point under Synchronize Point and click on OK.
  • A new media is created that combines the video and audio in a single item.

Synchronization is important when merging video and audio files. Based on the setting in the below figure, synchronization point be set either manually or allow Premiere Pro to find automatically based on the clips.

Premiere Pro Merged Clips
Merged Clip Settings


Organizing Media