1. Stepping over the debugger to cursor location
    Right-click on the line and select “Continue to Here”.
  2. Set and unset the breakpoint to the line where your cursor is flashing
    Command -\
  3. Right click for those with a one button mouse
    Control + click
  4. Find matching brace, bracket or parenthesis
    Double tap on one of the nested parenthesis, code within the braces will be highlighted.
  5. Commenting out multiple lines of code
    Command + /
  6. Search through and open any file
    Command + Shift + O
  7. See the scope of functions and braces
    Command + mouse hover over the braces.
  8. Fold the scope by one level.
    Command + Alt (Option) + Left arrow key
    To open the scope, select right arrow key
  9. Jump to the function definition
    Command + Click
  10. Navigating between accessed files
    Command + Control + Left or Right arrow keys to navigate between the previous and next files that you accessed
  11. Go to line number in file
    Command + L