Gradient tool is used to create or modify a gradient. To open the Gradient tool, click Gradient Tool in the toolbox.

To use Gradient Tool

  • Select the shape using selection tool
  • Click the Gradient tool in the toolbar
  • Gradient Annotator appears in the object

Gradient Annotator is a slider that shows a starting point, an end point, a midpoint, and two color stops for the starting and end points.You can use Gradient Annotator to modify the angle, location, and spread of a linear gradient. Once the gradient annotator appears in the object, you can either use the Gradient panel or Gradient Annotator to add new color stops, specify new colors for individual color stops, change opacity settings, and drag color stops to new locations. To hide or show the gradient annotator, choose View > Hide Gradient Annotator or View > Show Gradient Annotator.