Deleting clips are needed to remove unwanted part of the clip and place them in a particular order to create a story. This post deals with various ways by which clip on the timeline can be deleted and moved.

Deleting Using Shortcut

To delete a clip, select the clip and press down Delete key. This will delete the selected clip and create gap in the timeline. To fill in the gap created after deleting the selected clip, press down Alt (Option) key and Backspace (Delete) key. It will fill in the gaps by shifting all the clips which are present on the right of the deleted clip, to left.

In the below image, track item is deleted using Delete Key creating a gap in the timeline.

Premiere Pro Track Item Deleted

Using Razor Tool

Razor tool splices one clip into two.It located on the left side of the timeline panel. To delete a clip

  • Select the tool by clicking on it.
  • Click on a clip in the timeline where you wish to make a cut.
  • Razor Tool will split the clip into two separate clips. To split only one track, hold Alt (Option) and then click with Razor Tool selected.
  • Select the clips to delete by clicking on it. Hold the Shift key while to clicking to select multiple clips.
  • Hit on Delete key to delete selected clips.

Above steps will leave a empty space where the clip once was. To fill the gap and delete selected clips, hold Alt (Option) key and press Backspace (Delete), and the rest of the timeline will adjust accordingly.

Below image shows splitting of a track item using Razor Tool.

Premiere Pro Razor Tool

Lift and Extract

Lift and Extract are used for deleting and moving portions of clips on timeline. In and Out points on sequence are used to perform lifts and extracts. This tool is located on the Program Monitor as shown in below image. Keyboard shortcut for Lift and Extract are semicolon and apostrophe respectively.

Premiere Pro Lift And Extract

Lift will copy the clip to clipboard and remove the selected portion from the timeline, leaving a hole in the timeline. Clip copied on the clipboard can be pasted elsewhere on the timeline. Extract will copy the clip to clipboard, remove the selected portion from the timeline and fill the resulting gap. To delete clip using Lift and Extract,

  • Play the sequence on Timeline, and press down I key to set the Mark In point.
  • Resume the playback on the timeline, and press down O key to set desired Mark Out point.
  • Click on Lift or Extract as needed.

Below example shows an example of track extract. Only video track is deleted by disable audio track and disabling the synchronization lock on audio and video track.

Premiere Pro Track Extract


Lift & Extract in Premiere Pro