H.264 Advanced Video Coding

H.264 Advanced Video Coding is an industry standard for video coding. Standardizing video compression makes it possible for products from different manufacturers such as encoders, decoders and storage media to inter-operate. An encoder converts video into a compressed format and a decoder converts compressed video back into an uncompressed format. [...]

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Video Coding Basic Concepts

Video compression is the process of compacting data into a smaller number of bits. Video compression (video coding) is the process of converting digital video into a format suitable for transmission or storage. Raw or uncompressed digital video requires a large bitrate, while compressed video typically requires less bitrate. Compression [...]

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Spatial Sampling and Temporal Sampling

Introduction A visual scene is spatially and temporally continuous. Representing a visual scene in digital form involves spatial sampling and temporal sampling. Spatial sampling is usually done on a rectangular grid in the video image plane. Temporal sampling as a series of still frames or components of frames sampled at [...]

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Interlaced vs Progressive Scanning

Interlaced Scanning In Interlaced scanning alternating sets of lines are displayed. First even numbered lines are displayed and then odd numbered lines are displayed. Each even set of lines are displayed for 1/60th of a second and then the odd lines are displayed for 1/60th of a second in case [...]

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What is Chroma Subsampling ?

Chroma subsampling is the process of encoding images by implementing less resolution for chroma information than for luma information. Human visual system is much more sensitive to variations in brightness (luminance or luma) than color (chrominance or chroma). A video system can be optimized by devoting more bandwidth to the [...]

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