To access a shared folder in Ubuntu installed in VirtualBox (installed on Windows), follow below steps

  • Start VirtualBox
  • Start the Ubuntu
  • Install the extension pack for VirtualBox.
    Devices > Insert guest additions CD image
  • Add yourself into to the group ‘vboxsf’
    # Get user id
    echo $USER
    # Check vboxsf group exists
    grep vboxsf /etc/group
    # Check user is in vboxsf group
    id your_username
    # Add user to the group
    sudo usermod -a -G vboxsf your_username
  • Reboot Ubuntu
  • Find the name of the shared folder. Shared folder has prefix sf_ to the label.
    cd /media
  • Create a link to your home
    ln -s /media/sf_SharedFolderName /home/your_userName/shared